My Garden

A Sunday Morning Walk

by mama November 21, 2011 My Garden

Last night, it froze for the first time this year. It was that magical first frost that happens every year which releases the colorful leaves from the branches and brings them cascading down to the ground.  My husband and I woke early, bundled up, grabbed the camera and headed outside for a Sunday morning walk. We’re lucky to live in [Read more...]

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The Safe Use of Herbs During Pregnancy and 20 Herbs to Avoid

by mama July 26, 2011 Mama U.

Before there was a neighborhood pharmacy with the Rx sign outside, there was nature. For eons women have relied on traditional knowledge of herbal remedies and plant medicine. This knowledge has been passed down from great-grandmother to grandmother to mother to daughter, as women have used herbs to comfort and support the common discomforts of [Read more...]

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Confused About Borage Seed Oil?

by mamafier July 13, 2011 DIY Herbal Goodies

Oh Internet, how we love you, but you do tend to confuse, especially with information about herbs for pregnant women and babies. Over the years, we’ve talked to more than a few anxious and bewildered ladies, all responsibly looking for guidance about what’s safe and what’s not safe for their growing bellies and the baby [Read more...]

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My Work-cation

by mama June 1, 2011 My Garden

Last week I took a much needed working vacation and it was perfect. The very first day, during a break in the rain storms, I was greeted by a hungry baby bird in the vegetable garden who hopped around at my feet asking for breakfast. Thank goodness for my compost pile and ready access to a handful [Read more...]

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The Dark and Stormy Night Garden

by mama October 29, 2010 My Garden

Halloween approaches, and as the harvest moon casts an eerie pall over the land, our thoughts turn to all things dastardly and mysterious. The days are becoming shorter, the skies darken, and [Read more...]

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Strategic Feline Defense System

by mama September 15, 2010 My Garden

Over the last many years, we’ve been nurturing and providing safe haven for the wild birds and squirrels that live in our organic gardens. We think their presence represents a valuable contribution for the ecosystem. [Read more...]

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